Getting Side-tracked

      The following is exactly why we do what we do. Imagine how running across something like this might change your day, your hopes, and keep you pushing ever onward.  When I began, I had an idea how I was going to organize this blog but something like this review, and the things… Read more »

More on Getting Started

As I’ve said , my first books were published around six months ago. It took awhile for me to decide how I wanted all my picture books to look when published—and I’m sure this is a process still in the making as I learn. At the moment, my books are first published with IngramSpark ,… Read more »

To Website or Not to Website

  Something I didn’t do, and now feel to be so important for anyone serious about becoming a known writer, is to get some sort of website up in the beginning, a ‘gathering place’ where those interested can get to know you. Simple is fine. You can always fancy it up down the road when… Read more »

Step by Step

    It was January 2022. The month that changed my life forever. Well, this chapter of my life anyway. By the end of March that same year, I hired my first illustrators, found an editor, a designer, and dove in. I read every book I could get my hands on about self-publishing. I didn’t… Read more »

Coming soon

Tricia will be posting to the blog soon!