• The Quest

    The Quest

    It’s 2020 and COVID is shutting down our entire world. Your life is not going as planned. Your husband was not supposed to die before you. You were supposed to travel—together. Now, because of COVID, travel is not even an option. Then fate steps in as it often does and you find yourself on a…

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  • Writers in the Kitchen

    Writers in the Kitchen

    A mix of over 200 delicious recipes and childhood memories from some of the all-time favorite authors of children’s books. A fun read even if you don’t cook.

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  • Just Like My Dad

    Just Like My Dad

    A young boy spends the day with his dad learning just what it takes to become a great cowhand.

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  • Casey’s New Hat

    Casey’s New Hat

    Casey’s hat has about had it, so she begins her search for a perfect new hat. Of course, none of the hats meet with her expectations until….

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  • Blackberry Booties

    Blackberry Booties

    Mikki Jo has a problem. She sees herself as being good at one thing only, picking blackberries. But soon she learns that the one thing she is good at can take her where she needs to go. And all it takes is a bit on engenuity.

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