Books from the Past

Casey's New Hat (1997)

A good hat is a necessity on a ranch, and Casey’s old hat is beginning to feel tight. As Casey accompanies Dad on of buying supplies and doing ranch chores she examines the hats that various people offer her. But nothing feels right—until she takes a look around for herself and finds the perfect hat. Warm pencil drawings complement this story about a sprightly young ranch hand taking a first step toward growing up and defining herself.

Writers in the Kitchen (1998)

Emily Arnold McCulley, Jamie Lee Curtis, James Howe, Patricia Lee Gauche, Trina Schart Hyman and Eve Bunting are just a few of the children’s book writers cooking up a storm in this mouth-watering collection. Here are over 200 recipes from over 150 writers, including appetizers, entrees and desserts. But this is much more than a recipe book. Even when they cook, writers love to tell stories.

Blackberry Booties (2000)

Mikki Jo trades blackberries she has picked, resulting in a special present for her new cousin Samuel.