Gran Series

Grampa Jack Put it Back

Looks like taking care of young CJ is more than grandpa bargained for. But it is CJ who finally recognizes the problem and saves the day.

Grandma's Kitchen

In this coming-of-age story our young protagonist is told to bring her sister with her this year. She is not happy. But soon we see that canning tomatoes with Grandma is as much a step-by-step process as is learning to share with your little sister.

Jimmy's Jammies

Jimmy loves his jammies, mainly because they came from Grandma. Because he wears his jammies so often, they eventually begin to fall apart. But will Jimmy even consider giving his jammies up?

Where's Gramma?

Coming summer 2023

Where do you think? Up in a tree. Driving a backhoe. Chasing bugs. Checking out a snake. Her four grandsons never know where they might find her. All they know for sure is that it’s worth it when they do.