Standalone Books

Cecil the Too Solid Ghost

Sometimes it is difficult to choose. Trick-or-treating with all those little ghouls on Halloween is so much fun. But Cecil’s ghost buddies see him as a misfit and are threatening to kick him out of their club. Even his parents and sister warn him to remember what happened last year. What can Cecil do?

Frogs Go Diving

In this upside-down bedtime story, frogs are headed home one early morning to get out of the sun and for their daily rest. But as is typical, the littlest of frogs is not quite ready for sleepy time and begs for a delay. Frogs keep diving into the pond right past him while Little Frog pushes the boundaries, threatening danger to all. Children will love Little Frog’s adventure with the bonus that this story can be easily sung to the tune of the Ants Go Marching.

Just Like My Dad

First published 1991 by HarperCollins

A young child glories in the sights, sounds, smells and activities spent working on a cattle ranch as a cowhand, just like his Dad.


Gadrella has not seen a single change in the 300 years she has been a witch. One day, Gadrella decides to take things into her own hands. Can she make a difference?