Mouse Traveler Series

"Absurd," Said Bird

In Book 1 Mouse promises to bring back cheese for every farm animal to help him build the plane he thinks he needs to get to the moon. He ignores Bird who all the while warns Mouse that his plan is absurd. The fun comes when we discover the reason Bird calls the plan absurd in this short and to-the-point tale. In book two Mouse continues having problems until by Book 3 Mouse discovers a way to teleport from National Park to National Park

What Bird Heard

In Book 2 of this  MouseTraveler Series, Mouse and Bird are busy at work resolving Bird’s Book 1 mistake– trying to fly an airplane to the moon. Everyone knows it takes a rocket. But are there any other things Mouse and Bird need to be aware of? This series is meant to be an introduction for the very young to the exciting — and often unusual — animals and topography of an area that has led it to become a National Park. The hope is to build an understanding of why these special areas are so special and deserve to be protected for future generations.  Questions and further information have been added to a book’s back pages to help teachers with ideas to use in the classroom. There are many other, more in-depth and more informational, books for children dedicated to National Parks

Mouse Visits Joshua Tree National Park

In Book 3, Mouse visits Joshua Tree, his first National Park. Most exciting to him is all the different breeds of mice he runs across, but he also loves discovering all the many wild animals and rock formations that are special to this park. By the end of his visit, Mouse is determined to visit every National Park he can.

Mouse Visits Yellowstone National Park

Mouse’s National Park visits grow more exciting. This time he visits a park where hot water comes straight from the ground. Not only that, but in this park he meets a mouse who teaches him a special way to tour that allows him to see more of a park in the little time he has available for each trip. It’s a trick he will be able to use in most other National Parks as well.

One day someone said they thought that the subject matter of the Traveler Series needed a stronger character than Mouse. Of course, I asked the illustrator, Ginger Neilson, what she thought and here is what she said:

I think the idea of Mouse as the central character is the most logical one to carry on the series. Young children will love the idea of a tiny creature as a hero-adventurer. This is a key to the idea that anyone can do anything if they work at it, however long it takes.

Mouse is at a disadvantage because of his size. Yet he finds a way to follow his dream and brings the reader along.

This is the essence of any adventure. Never give up.

It brings home the important message to all races, ages, and genders that you need not give up. It is because of the efforts that this small Mouse puts into every task that the message of never giving up will make an impression on any reader.

—Ginger Neilson