Nice n Easy


I took a week off for a little drive.  2000 miles. To me, this is relaxing. I love to drive. The good thing is I find I focus on driving. Especially when I’m by myself. It’s just my On Broadway Sirius XM station and me. Hour after hour, mile after mile, passes us by and we barely notice.

Why am I rambling on about taking a drive? Because it came to me on this getaway that we need to get away. From writing. From how-to. From self-imposed deadlines. From trying to figure out marketing especially. I was worrying about when I was going to get my next post out. Finally, it came to me. You’re not. And the world is still turning.

I have told myself over and over, those picture books writers who we so admire, who look to have such success, have been at this game for much longer than many of us. They have learned at least some of what we are trying to understand. I promise myself daily that I am not going to get panicked if nothing seems to be moving.  But do I listen?

Yes, I think I am listening now. Of course, I want my books to be noticed. NOW! Of course, I would love to win awards (that I don’t have to pay for.)  Of course, I would love to have some publishing big-wig say we would love to use one of your books for such and such. We should never stop dreaming. But we also need to be realistic. I, for one, am in this because I love what I am doing. I even love the challenges of learning new things. Sometimes. But what we need to keep uppermost in our minds is there is a reason for that graphic saying, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Because there is. It’s no different in marketing a book. We simply must figure out what works best for us.

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